Blogger Roll

Before I started blogging, I followed a couple of bloggers because they were super talented and I loved what they found.  There are some seriously stylish people in this world.  I hope you enjoy their pages as much as I do.  I am sure I forgot someone, I am not good at thinking on my feet all the time.  Let me know if you’d like me to add you too!

♥  Veronica’s Secrets
♥  CozeySL
♥  Graceful Class and Elegance
♥  Sady Style
♥  The Glamour Sauce
♥  Tres Swank
♥  Chelsea Rae
♥  Danni’s Dream
♥  Lil Monster’s Madness
♥  Oddge Podge
♥  The Shameless Shopper
♥  Second Life As I See It
♥  Class & Sass
♥  Peachelicious
♥  Lost in my Imagination
♥  Amazing Grace
♥  ButterflyGirl
Justine Lemton