Blogger Manager & Beyond

Over time, I’ve expanded my career in Second Life beyond a blogger. I enjoy both sides for different reasons. Blogging, I get to show off my creative mind and the management and social media support shows my analytical side.

Currently, I am the blogger manager for two stores.

Refuge, a Home & Garden brand, operates their blogger team 100% through Blogotex. This group of bloggers is a mixture of home & garden bloggers and fashion bloggers. As a mixture blogger myself, I feel that it is important to showcase from both sides of the spectrum.

CH Poses, a pose store, also operates their blogger team 100% through Blogoex. This group of bloggers ranges from women, men and children. The poses created could work for all or only a certain size (adult/child).

In the middle of 2018, I joined the team at Love to Decorate. During my time there, I was responsible for keeping posts up-to-date on the website, Facebook, Twitter and for a while, Plurk, reviewing posts submitted through the Flickr page, and making sure that all of the advertisers were taken care of. My role within the business expanded to a management role, and I was named the Accounts Manager. I contacted stores when they were close to due or overdue. I also helped bring in new advertisers, as needed. I co-sponsored the It’s An LTD Christmas during the Christmas season of 2018 and ran the photo contest to coincide with the event itself. I ended my employment with Love to Decorate in February 2019.

In February of 2019, I joined the Salacity team as their lead photographer and ad stylist. I am currently still in this role and work closely with Angie, the owner, on the best way to showcase the newest releases and properly reflect all the data necessary for shoppers to know on the ad. This is a new role for me in which I get to still use my photography skills but also manage my time and work together as a team to create an ad for the customers to enjoy and shop from.

If you are in need of a blogger manager, social media manager or photo-stylist, please contact me in world (Melly Lecker) or on Facebook (Melly Clarrington). I look forward to speaking with you!