About Melly

Honestly, I don’t like to write about myself…. so here goes nothing.

My name (in world) is Melly Lecker, but 9 of the 10 years in my SL I have been known as Melly Clarrington.  I’ve been through just about anything, job wise, you can think of in SL.  Of course, started as a stripper… moved to hostessing at strip clubs, managed a strip club… left SL for a little bit, came back and worked in various clubs… I have attempted to be a content creator, my brain is not made to do that… so I give up, I was a store manager for a while, I went back and worked briefly in a strip club as a hostess again until I found out I was pregnant in RL.  I have only been married once in SL, to my current and RL husband as well.  I’ve had many family members over the year… quite a few of them have walked away.  It used to bother me, but now I’m ok with it.

I have always loved photography in SL.  I’m a graphic designer in RL… so creativity flows through me 24/7.  Of course, over the years things have changed considerably so the photography has grown as well.  I turned my two loves into something I love doing in SL, blogging.  I shop and I take pictures of what I bought.  Blessed along the way, I have had numerous sponsors over the past two years, all of them hold a special place to me.  They gave me a chance and let me grow while showcasing their amazing creations.  While I have chosen to part ways with some, I continue to buy and support these creators in the best way I know how, just without the pressure and deadlines.  Over time, I have learned not to apply for every open spot along the way… I was flying under the assumption that no one would pick me… and that backfired.

Since starting this new journey in the blogging world, I have also started working on mentoring those who ask me for assistance.  When I started, not a single person would have offered an olive branch to me… what I built, I built on my own.  I am proud of that, but I want to make sure that others know that I am not out for me and me only.  I am the same in RL.  I have also added the role of Blogger manager for a couple of brands, and I love that job.  I love seeing the creations and work that people come up with and I also get to continue that “mentoring” role, just in a little different way.

It’s not often, but I can finally say I am happy with where I am and what I am doing in this world…

The RL information?  I am married, I have a daughter and a dog and cat.  If you have a desire to know more… maybe message me 🙂