About Me

I don’t like to talk about myself.  So, we’ll see how this goes.  Fever Pitch started in mid 2016.  At least, on the wordpress platform.  Originally, I was posting my pictures in a Facebook group and just sharing with my friends.  After much encouragement to branch out further, I did.  So here we are.

I started in SL very late in 2008.  I have literally been shopping, ever since.  Back when your pixel feet changed shape depending on the shoe you were wearing and when clothes were system clothes, appeared right on your body… many years later we’ve gone through flexi, sculpted items, mesh and bento enabled mesh.  It’s been a wild ride but I’ve enjoyed it along the way.

I started working in clubs in SL, that’s where I met a considerable amount of my friends.  Most of those people also became family.  I was a Hostess Manager before I quit my first SL job at Sixx Pack.  Unfortunately, that place no longer exists… which is sad, like I said, I met a lot of family there.  Throughout the years I worked briefly at various other clubs that struggled to stay open.  I quit SL for a little while.  I took a break when I had my daughter.  I found greedy… y’all can play greedy and potentially win a crap ton of cash, did you know that?  Now you do… and now, I hang out with family, I blog and share with you folks, and I shop.

I never, ever imagined that this would blossom the way it has.  I don’t expect it to last either.  Let’s be real, nearly 10 years of shopping, my inventory is quite full… I could share stuff with you all for days.  It has been an absolute honor to participate with all these wonderful people, both content creators and other bloggers.  By far this is the nicest “world” I’ve branched into.  I hope that all the people I have met along the way know how much they mean to me and what an inspiration they are and will continue to be in the future.

An update… July 2018.  I thought I’d take the time to just add this little piece.  The blogging world has been so amazing, I can’t even begin to express that.  With that said, I have been given the opportunity to put my blogging skills to use in a different way as a website contributor for Love to Decorate.  Make sure you check it out for all your home and garden updates from events in world! ♥

With much love,
Melly Clarrington (Lecker)