LOTD 588

So, I’m not going to lie. I’ve been reclusive the last few days. When I start to feel myself putting too much of myself out there, I tend to go into hiding. I had a version of this photo taken a few days ago… then the day I was going to post it, there was a far-too-similar photo posted by a fellow blogger. For a while I thought, it’ll be ok… I know that I didn’t copy her, but when it came down to editing it and getting it ready to post… I couldn’t do it. While it was an original creation and not a copy… I didn’t want to be accused. The plus side is, this photo (in my opinion) is better than the “original.”

I’ve become reclusive because I don’t like to be hurt. I also don’t want to hurt anyone else. So, I rarely post my thoughts and feelings on “tough subjects,” so to speak. The few times that I have… it didn’t go well. I scroll by daily bullshit and stupidity all day long. I never comment because the world needs a difference of opinion to continue on. If we all believed the same and felt the same, the world would be boring. All day long, on my RL and SL feed, people post things that I disagree with or that I think it distasteful and so on, but I never once comment because my opinion differs. Why? I also don’t like conflict. I don’t want to be involved, I don’t want to be the center of it, I don’t want to be the person who causes it and I don’t want to be the person who fans the flame.

So, I hide.

I hide, because it’s the best thing I know how to do. I sit back, I watch… I survey. I do my work and continue on about my day. I’ll keep me to me… because that’s the best thing I know how to do. Be me, but be by myself.


—– Clothing / Accessories —–
Daily Items: Here
Body: Maitreya   
Hair: Lamb – Focus [FaMESHed, April 2019]
Top: Neve – Rattled [Uber, March 2019]
Shorts: Dead Dollz – Joanne [Uber, March 2019]

—– Pose —–
FOXCITY. Chill-2m [altered head to look off]

—– Decor Details —–
MINIMAL – Paris Views Scene
Refuge – Lissanna Chair Off White [Bloom, March 2019]
Refuge – Lissanna Pedestal Table Off White [Bloom, March 2019]
HEXtraordinary White Dogwood Wreath [Bloom, March 2019]
dust bunny . unicorn donuts
:::ChicChica::: Ice Tea
Kew Mixed Planter Cerise
Kew Marigold Planter
dust bunny . giant palm plant
Apple Fall Mercantile Bookshelf
MudHoney Chelsea Skinny Vase – purple
MudHoney Home Books
14 Fancy Decor: Ramses Bookends

Song of the Day: Try – Colbie Caillat

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