LOTD 587

Spring was here… and then Mother Nature told all Missourians to hold her beer. It went from 70º on Wednesday, to 35º and snowing on Saturday. The good part was, it was snow that was never going to stick. So here I am again, living vicariously through SL in hopes that spring will stay around now and it’ll warm up just a bit. I just want to be able to go outside and not freeze!

With a little help from Justine (I hope I’ve done her proud) on getting my settings right for photos, this is a new start, so to speak on my photography. Holy moly am I excited to share this with you all! In yesterday’s pic, I hid my eyes so this is my first photo fully showing off my new skin/face – thanks to my sisser Jessa, I’m so cute again!


—– Clothing / Accessories —-
Daily Items: Here
Body: Belleza – Freya
Sunglasses: MONCADA PARIS – Diva Eyewear
Hair: DOUX – Vega
Top: Addams – Marlene
Skirt: Addams – Marlene
Glass of Wine: Cosmic Dust – Red Glittered Wine Glass

—– Pose —–
Ana Poses – Winnipeg 1

—– Background Decor —–
MINIMAL – Hacienda Backdrop
MudHoney Laverne Fence
MudHoney Laverne Chair
MudHoney Laverne Table
MudHoney Wren Mirror
hive // bird of paradise plant v2
West Village Cotton Tote
Tea Time Light strands (constant)

Song of the Day: When The Sun Goes Down – Kenny Chesney ft. Uncle Kracker

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