LOTD 585

We’ve been well overdue for a sisters pic! We have to do more of them and more often! Lately, our schedules have been off and we usually just talk during the day… and then when we tried to meet up at night time, well, one or the other would fall asleep and that would be the end of it. LOL. You’d think we’re a couple of old lady’s but we aren’t. Anyways… the irony of the photo below is we took this picture yesterday and today we changed my face again. Soo… we’ll have to do a new sister pic anyways! 😀 I call that a victory… any excuse for more pics, right sisser?


—– Clothing / Accessories —–
On Melly
Head: Genus Project – Strong Face
Skin: Glam Affair – Diana 
Body: Belleza – Freya  
Hair: Entwined – Calliope [Uber, March 2019]
Outfit: OSMIA – Michele [Uber, March 2019]
Boots: REIGN – Fringed Booties
My drink is a prop from the pose used below

On Jessa
Hair: Stealthic – Intrepid
Outfit: OSMIA – Michele [Uber, March 2019]
Boots: Addams – Belle
Drink: ChicChica – Frappucino

—– Pose —–
Amitie Friends Coffee To Go 09 [Gacha]

—– Background Decor —–
All pieces are rezzed between myself and Jessa, however the scene and set up was set by Jessa.

Dust Bunny & Consignment Farmers Market FULL SET
dust bunny . fresh fruit stand . full set
dust bunny . Con – Emma Flower Bicycle – Decor
{what next} Hanging Lanterns on String (blossom) [recolored]
{what next} Hanging Lanterns on String (pink green)[recolored]
AF Picnic 4 – Lemonade Barrel
Kalopsia – Zelie’s Macrame
Ex Machina – PortoVecchio Modular Buildings v0.6
MINIMAL – Soho Build -no snow-
9 – DRD – Garden Party – Light Poles – Two
The Domineaux Effect Patio Stones
Apple Fall Whitehall Pathway (Straight, Long)

Song of the Day: Soak Up The Sun – Sheryl Crow


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