All Good Things Are Wild And Free

Just trying to bring a little extra light into the world.

Two things important to note. N21 is open with a ton of amazing items this round – a lot of them are below! Also, Bloom opened on the 23rd – and really.. spring in SL isn’t spring without this event! There’s some absolutely great stuff this round so don’t miss out before it’s too late!


—– Decor Details —–
tarte. small skybox

Ariskea, N21 – March 2019
Ariskea[FreshAir] Pillow [Yellow]
Ariskea[FreshAir] Pillow [Green]
Ariskea[FreshAir] Rug [Pink]
Ariskea[FreshAir] Round Pillow [Beige]
Ariskea[FreshAir] Spider Plant [Sick]
Ariskea[FreshAir] Weave Couch [Bamboo]

Ariskea – Mainstore
Ariskea [Ophelia] Verde Painting

Granola, Soiree – March 2019
Granola. Ambrosia Lamp. White Polka LG. Brass.
Granola. Ambrosia Table. Yellow. Brass.

Peaches, Bloom – March 2019
.peaches. Wanderlust – White Bun (two re-sized smaller versions on yellow table)
.peaches. Wanderlust – Vase and Books
.peaches. Wanderlust – Brown Bun

Basil, N21 – March 2019
Basil – Eleanor Bookcase [White]
Basil – Eleanor End Table [White]

Apple Fall, N21 – March 2019
West Village Billy Ball Stems
West Village Magnolia Arrangement

Apple Fall – Mainstore
Apple Fall Design Books

Acorn, Bloom – March 2019
ACORN 6 Botanical Frames

Loft & Aria
The Loft & Aria – Weldon Print
[ARIA] Blair decorative 3D and

Fancy Decor
Fancy Decor: Russell Geosphere
Fancy Decor: Russell Magazine Basket B
18 Fancy Decor: Pyramid Obelisk (white)

MudHoney Woven Basket – Teal
MudHoney Interior Books
MudHoney Home Books

Dust Bunny
dust bunny . branch coat rack . black

Tres Blah
-tb- Bon Voyage – Stacked Treasures RARE

alirium DwarfForest [OldGold]


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