Kappa Phi Tau

If you’ve been living in a hole in the wall lately, Astralia has essentially created everything you need to live in a loft. For example, below is a lofted bed, with closet and drawers under – creating plenty of space for your added decor. A few months ago, a full laundry set (see this post), a bath to relax in (see this post), and for fun… add some truth or dare to your nights (see this post). If I even remotely had the opportunity to transform these pieces into RL while I was in college… I would have enjoyed living in the dorms SO MUCH MORE. But alas, I cannot and I also cannot go back in time… so I’ll live vicariously through SL and imagine what could have been. Who knows, maybe this is what the future will bring for my daughter when she decides college is her future.

And let’s not forget, What Next is keeping my musical dreams alive. My favorite thing in my parents house is their record player surrounded by dad’s insane amount of records. I do not have to look far to understand where my love of music came from. While this was a previous Fifty Linden Friday new release – you can still get this item in store… and it is a must have for all you music lovers and lovers of decorating your home. Not only is it incredibly designed and textured, but it will breathe a little pop of color into any room, without overdoing it.

Just remember, when you’re lindens are lighter than expected after visiting Astralia & What Next… it’s not my fault. 🤩


—– Decor Details —–
Garbaggio // Work Room Skybox
Garbaggio // Royal Rhapsody

Astralia, FaMESHed – March 2019
Astralia – Wardrobe Bed

Astralia – Muffin stool (LTD gift)

What Next, Previous Fifty Linden Friday release
{what next} Bailey Turntable V1 & V2
{what next} Bailey Vinyl Shelf
{what next} Bailey – Pile Of Records

DISORDERLY. / Cozy Piles / Coffee & Journaling

JIAN Lively Labs :: Not So Srs Pup

Random Matter
.random.Matter. – Lazy Day – Pizza
.random.Matter. – Lazy Day – Take Away

Tres Blah
-tres blah- Hodgepodge – What’s in My Bag RARE
-tres blah- Golden Cage – Sweet Nothings

SAYO – Diary Decor – COMMON

[Atomic] Gacha // Be Magical – Energy Boost

Birdy – Spring – Bric a Brac Shelf
Birdy – Spring – Chic Desk

7 Emporium
7 – Unstrung Classical Guitar

popcorn box

Half Deer
+Half-Deer+ Blanket Clutter – Zebra – Edge Small
+Half-Deer+ Favorite Sweater Clutter – ALL – Floor B

Peaches n Cream
Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘Classical’ Sorority Banner

Chez Moi
Neon Ice Cream Wall Decor CHEZ MOI

Loft & Aria
The Loft & Aria – Oberlin Coffee Decal

BALACLAVA!! Device Dock [Floor]

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