LOTD 561

It’s time for maxin’ and relaxin’ right? The weekend is here and other than throwing some laundry in to start… we have been laaaaaaazy. I’m ok with it though. It’s supposed to snow/ice again tomorrow… so hopefully we can get all of our running around done today so we don’t need to tomorrow… or want to.

Below is an blog picture featuring the new hair from Runaway. This hair also features some different options for how the hat is sat on the head and some animations to go along with it. So the hat and hair can be worn as normal, or with the left or right eye showing and hat pushed up or the hat pulled down over your eyes. Use the HUD to alter how the hat looks on your head. SUPER cute!


—– Clothing / Accessories —–
Daily Items: Here
Body: Maitreya   
Hair: Runaway – Ary [Collabor88, February 2018]
Top: Erratic – Malin

—– Pose —–
Amitie, Uber – January 2018
Amitie – Throw Blanket 03

—– Background Decor —–
Unkindness – Imagine Daybed
[Merak] – Coffe Cup
Garbaggio // Closet (Rack FULL) RARE
floorplan. hanging print / naps

Song of the Day: Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

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