Don’t Call It A Dream

It has been an incredibly eventful weekend already and let me tell you, I don’t really want to do anything else. We spent the day with family yesterday and it was a much needed break from everything. Our plans today? Take down the Christmas lights and laundry. My protest of the Super Bowl will be in full force later today when we watch movies instead of the game. Disappointment in the league in this household (mostly me) is high and while I am just one person… and millions of others will watch… that’s on them and up to them… I’m me and can only control me.

Anyways… here’s a little peace and zen for your Sunday afternoon.


—– Decor Details —–
Granola, FaMESHedX – January 2019
Granola. Antique Opium Den. Blue S.
Granola. Antique Hookah Blue and Silver.

Chez Moi, Shiny Shabby – January 2019
Orchid Colors CHEZ MOI

SAYO SCENES – Moderna Courtyard – COMMON

ROIRO – Andon sakura
ROIRO – Wagashi basket
ROIRO – Potted tree with Ivy

HPMD* Garden Vine02 – green (various arrangements)


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