LOTD 543

Sometimes your world just needs a little self reflection, high atop and above the rest of the world.  If it wasn’t for I am terrified of heights in RL, I would probably do something similar.  Since the new year, my husband and I have been tearing apart the house and cleansing.  We have thrown away, donated and stored more things than I could have ever imagined.  The house already feels lighter.  Which is good.  We moved our desks from the living room to the extra bedroom (that was previously just a giant storage closet LOL.  Anyways… it’s a great start to a brand new year.

Please note, the hair style shown below has some extras shown and not shown.  The front bangs or “fringe” can be thick (like below) or thin, and there’s also an extra “hair base” option that helps give that look of the hair pulled back right out of the scalp up into the hair ties.  What is not shown is the hair clips that would sit on top of the head right in front of the mini buns.

lotd 543 small

—– Clothing / Accessories —–
Daily Items: Here
Body: Belleza – Freya
Hair: Runaway – Stacy [FaMESHed, January 2019]
Jacket: Pixicat – Snug Sweater (Sporty) [Purchased for FLF on 1-4-19]
Leggings: Cynful – A Girl’s Thing [FaMESHed, January 2019]

—– Pose —–
FOXCITY. Loner-1m [Adjusted head to look off into the distance]

—– Background Details —–
BUENO (I’m sitting on the fire escape of this build)
BUENO-Mulder Loft Building-Regular

MINIMAL (the tops of the buildings in the background are all this build)
MINIMAL – Soho Build -no snow-

Song of the Day: King of Anything – Sara Bareilles



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