LOTD 540

For this, the final shot of the new year, it is fitting that I end the year with my husband.  I went back and looked at a year ago for today, New Years Eve and New Years Day… things have changed and I have grown as a person, blogger, wife and mother.  I look back at the things that I wished and hoped that 2018 would bring, and for the most part it did not… but what I do have I am incredibly grateful for.  My husband, let’s be real, being married (especially to me) is not easy… but I promise you I will work harder on myself and for you and Penelope in the upcoming year.  A reminder of who I once was keeps popping up and I’d like to get back to that.  A much more positive and inspiring person than just a blah shell of a person… and while I know we both have our faults, love brought us together and I want to bring that love back, in full force, 24/7 365 days this upcoming year.  For my daughter, I want to take more time away from the computer and spend it with her.  She’s going to be five in the coming year and near the end of 2019 I will send her off to school for her first day of kindergarten.  Listen, if y’all are good friends… around mid-August… you all need to be here in full force because I will be a mess.  She is my baby and the second love of my life.  I don’t want her to grow up but I want her to grow up… I’m a mess.

As for this blog and my experiences through this… I have learned a lot.  I’ve grown a lot.  Do I think I’ve hit my pinnacle?  No.  I want to keep growing and keep learning and in the coming year I want to venture out and meet more of the blogging community.  So far, I’m well on my way to doing that – having a few things already planned with some incredibly talented people.  Collaborations are so much fun!  I also want to see the success of those around me continue to grow – leaps and bounds… because y’all are so fucking talented I can’t even contain myself… I am amazed each and every day of the photos and work that you all do and post.  Rarely are any two photos alike because each of us in our own right have reached new highs and new lows this year and we will all keep working harder and stronger in 2019, right?  Let’s do this!  I told myself last year that 2018 would be better… so this time, I’m going to make sure that 2019 is better.  Let’s go!

PS.  Thanks hubby for putting up with my photo after photo and hours of standing on a pose stand… because sometimes, just a little extra time with you is all that I need to make the perfect shot.  And, I was able to try out a few new techniques for this one.  Love you babe.

LOTD 540 small

—– Clothing / Accessories —–
On Melly
Daily Items: Here
Body: Belleza – Freya
Hair: Truth – Joy [VIP Group Gift December 2018]
Dress: Tres Blah – Noel [Collabor88, December 2018]

On Austin
Jacket: Deadwool – Hart
Pants: Deadwool – Hart

—– Pose —–
Amitie: Amitie Couple The Best is Yet to Be [Uber, December 2018] – comes with the holdable shoes

—– Backdrop —–
Amitie: Amitie- Grand Party Backdrop (lights) [Uber, December 2018]
[ keke ] rainfall glitter broad 10 LI

Song of the Day: Tangled Up In You – Staind

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