Ashton’s Country Life

Some days I dream of moving away from the city life and living out in a field and being able to hide away from the world.  Then, I blink and realize that I cannot even possibly fathom doing it because I’m just not made for the outdoors.  On the other hand, literally outside right now for real life it is snowing.  I absolutely love snow.  So now, I might consider just painting in some snowflakes below just to make it better.  LOL.  Just kidding… I love the fall colors too.  Happy weekend, y’all!

Ashton's Country Life smallFlickr

♥ Decor Details ♥
DaD Design, Uber – October 2018
DaD “Ashton Manor” v.1.0

Little Branch, Uber – October 2018

Serenity Style, The Liaison Collaborative – November 2018
Deer Family
Serenity Style- Daddy Deer
Serenity Style- Mum Deer
Serenity Style-Baby Fawn
Serenity Style- Young Deer
Serenity Style- Young Deer2

ChezMoi, TresChic – October 2018
Campfire Wood Benches CHEZ MOI

HPMD* Garden Vine01 – ochre A

LAGOM – Flowy Fall leafs – BONUS L

Bad Unicorn
[Bad Unicorn] ‘Rusty’ Backwoods Lounger

hive // harvest hay bale
hive // harvest round straw bale
hive // harvest hay pile
hive // harvest pitchfork
hive // main fence section
hive // cone boxwood topiary . lighted
hive // dainty flower hanging light . gold . scripted
hive // adirondack bench

Country Lane (fences)

*aG* Shiny Meadow autumn
*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]

JIAN Countryside Collies :: Adult Wanderer RARE

tarte. gia crib swing

Ariskea{Australia} Ladder

Amitie My Blue Vespa with accesories



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