LOTD 274

My absolute favorite blogs happen randomly.  I was trying to come up with something “comfy” for a blog and my sister came over.  I ended up totally changing outfits and then it hits us.  So this is a result of just being silly… and it all coming together so perfectly.

As all people do, we’ve made resolutions for 2018.  Some people are unrealistic on their goals… some will only make it through March before the give up… I hope my willpower and determination to be healthier for myself and my daughter last long into the year and all following years… so here goes nothing.  This is a blog to pick fun at myself.  It won’t be easy… nothing ever is.  Day 1 of 2018 is the start of a brand new book with pages to fill with my own accomplishments and memories… it’s your time too.  What will you do in 2018?

LOTD 274

♥ Clothing ♥
Daily Items: Here.
Hair: Foxy – Milena [Kustom9, December 2017]
Hoodie: Addams – Hilda (Color N2)
Body Suit: Addams – Hilda (Color N17)
Shoes & Socks: REIGN – Lazy Slides

♥ Pose ♥
FOXCITY. Bad Kitty – 7m

♥ Decor ♥
Purple Poses SportTime BackDrop – PURPLE + ME
+Half-Deer+ Donut Decadence – DIsplay – Fruit Rainbow RARE
+Half-Deer+ Donut Decadence – Tower – Pastel Rainbow
+Half-Deer+ Donut Decadence – Tower – Berry Ombre
+Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter – Spilled Soda Drink (Red)
+Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter – Soda Drink (Red)
+Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter – Spilled Fries Box (Red)
+Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter – Big Pile of Fries (2 piles rezzed)
+Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter – Fries Heart
+Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter – A Single Fry (Rezzed in hand)
+Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter – Cheeseburger
Kalopsia – Kali’s Yoga Ball
floorplan. hanging print / naps
floorplan. cafe letterboard / tacos
#Foxy – Yoga Mat (White)
[MB] BBQ Tacos Server

Song of the Day: Milkshake – Kelis


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