LOTD 254

You guys.  I watched a picture taking and photoshop tutorial last night.  I took some of the ideas and techniques to create this picture.  I was struggling to find the right way to portray this crown because it is far too pretty to half-ass a photo.  I am in LOVE with how this picture came out.  I feel like a dark-winter queen.  I mean, I am already a queen, let’s just be real.  LOL!  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but this pic reminds me of a movie – it will come to me at some point.  If I think of it, I’ll update it and put it here.  Usually, I don’t like gold gold.  I’m a silver person.  But, the gold really popped for me this go-round.  The pearls can be changed colors too.  Stop by Tannenbaum to pick up yours!

With each passing day, the days get shorter, but it seems I have more and more to do.  I’m not even talking about SL either… it’s getting crazy.  The next couple of days will be tough.  At some point, I will be comfortable enough to talk about it, but for right now, if you have it in your heart, please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers.

LOTD 254

Head: Catwa – Catya
Crown: The Annex – Moon Child Crown [Tannenbaum, Nov 25 – Dec 25]
Hair: Truth – Lake
Dress: Pixicat – Femme Fatale (Plum)

Song of the Day: Black Betty – Ram Jam
Day 21 of 30.  A song you like with a persons name in the title.


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