LOTD 167

I took a much needed break the last couple of days.  Not necessarily from SL/Blogging, but a break to clear my mind, my soul.. and it worked.  I’ve spent one day this weekend on each end of the state and spent time with my family.  I needed that.  I realize that I use this blog to do a couple of things, but one of those things is giving myself an opportunity to let my mind wander and talk… but today, I’m going to stop.  What has happened to me over the last week is deeply personal and heartbreaking.  So please, just remember to love one another, tell your friends and family you love them and cherish life itself.

LOTD 167

♥ Details ♥
Head: Catwa – Catya
Hair: Little Bones – Olympia (Blondes)
Dress: Scandalize – Una Stripes

♥ Background ♥
SAYO SCENES – Moderna Courtyard – COMMON
floorplan. stay wild chalkboard
dust bunny . areca palm plant

Pose: Glitterati – Milliner 2 [Marketplace Only]

Song of the Day: You Save Me – Kenny Chesney


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