LOTD 150

I logged into SL this evening and I was greeted by a message from a good friend who was asking about my blogging specifics.  You know, I had never thought about it.  I tried to blog decor and if I do use specific things in a blog shot, I will let you know what items those are, but I mostly focus on the fashion.  Lord knows I can’t wear half, if any, of this stuff in RL.  So, anyways, she asked me to blog about her beach.  So, if y’all take the time to read this, I want you to know – if you have something special to you in SL that you would liked blogged about, I’d be happy to help you as best I can!  So here goes nothing.

My dear friend Lil, I met while playing and working at a Greedy sim.  Don’t go.  You’ll get addicted and you’ll meet great people – it’s terrible :winks:.  Anyways, her and her husband own a full beach sim, it’s called Blue Maui Nude Beach.  I know, nude, right?  But that’s okay!  Nude is great, but swimwear and shorts are acceptable attire as well!  (Don’t worry, I’ll provide you a sURL here in a a bit and at the end of the credits below).  So, I tp’d over there and let me tell you.. it is absolutely GORGEOUS.  They did a spectacular job decorating the sim.  You have to take time and explore every nook and cranny because you will miss something if you’re not paying attention.  They also have a club there and they are hoping to get more DJs in, so if you’re a DJ and you’re looking for a job – check them out as well!  You couldn’t ask for a better scenery while working.  As for the poses, there’s all kinds of items set all over the sim for individual poses to couple poses/animations.  There’s even a spot if you want to get out into the water and play.  They have places for rent as well, if you’re looking for a beach spot to set up your residence.  You couldn’t do better with the scenery, I’m serious!  It’s gorgeous.  Best of all, if you want to rez, you just need to join the group!  Please make sure to stop by and check out Blue Maui Beach Club Resort in world, you won’t regret it!

Next order of business.  SPELLBOUND IS BACK IN BUSINESS.  And I am SOOO excited!  This is one of two new releases and I could just bounce out of my skin I’m so happy.  New hair textures, new HUDs including a style HUD.  Man, this is just gorgeous.  So, you can wear this with or without the hat and you can put the braid behind your back.  There’s also bangs that you can add to this as well.  I hope she knows how thrilled I am that she is back in business!  She was sorely missed by this SL fan!

LOTD 150

♥ Details ♥
Head: Catwa – Catya
Hair: Spellbound – Nocturnal (Blondes) [NEW]
Glasses: Redgrave – Zenith
Bikini Top: REIGN – Crochet (Sea Mist) [Epiphany July 2017]
Shorts: L&B – Swear Boho Jeans
Drink: REIGN – Freezee (Haha Baja) [Epiphany July 2017]
Belly Ring: [ bubble ] – Heart Belly Piercing

Pose: Reel Poses – Photooftheday 3
Location: Blue Maui Beach Club Resort [Adult, Nude Beach]

Song of the Day: No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem – Kenny Chesney


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