LOTD 116

Once in a while, I get a wild idea and I send that pose over to my wonderful sister, Allyson.  If you don’t know her… you are missing out on one of the coolest pose stores in Second Life!  Her store, Something New, is a pose and prop pose store and she does amazing work!  So, one day, I sent her this pose from a picture that I came across while scrolling my Instagram feed… and tada, she made it happen!

LOTD 116

♥ On Melly ♥
Head: Catwa – Jessica
Hair: Doe – Malea (Blondes)
Top: Blueberry – [Feb 2017 LuxeBox Exclusive]
Pants: Spirit – Chill Pants (Purple) [March 2017 Collabor88]

♥ Decor Details ♥
Something New ~ Final Performance
floorplan. hanging print / hustle
Astralia – Fame skybox gym RARE
Astralia – Fame customizable pictures board
Sari-Sari – Gym Locker
Sari-Sari – Wall Bench
Astralia – Fame pile of mats
Kalopsia – Kali’s Bag
Kalopsia – Kali’s Weights
Kalopsia – Kali’s Yoga Ball
Dead Dollz – The Cute One – Sweater – Pink
Dead Dollz – The Cute One – Skirt – Black
Dead Dollz – The Cute One – Lingerie – Purple
#Foxy – Yoga Mat (White)

Song of the Day: Try – P!nk


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