Decor #3

I recently laid out a new house and decorated.  While I’m sure I’ll find more stuff to lay out before I lay down a new house… I am really loving this new house from Trompe Loeil.  I hope you enjoy! ♥

Full images can be found on Flickr!

♥ Details ♥
Trompe Loeil – Xaviera Villa
~Bazar~ Aloe vera plant
Glam Affair Home – Arrows
MudHoney Rustic Welcome Sign
[noctis] Mirkwood Farms sage jug/green
[noctis] Mirkwood Farmsviolets jug/aqua
JIAN Countryside Collies :: Family Rug
JIAN Countryside Collies :: Adult Wanderer RARE
Garden by anc dotty wild grass {colorful} 1prim ring
LAQ Decor ~ Stone Plates
LAQ Decor ~ Medium Birch (Summer) – Animated
*AF* Houseplant Snake Plant with Shadow
Jian – Boxwood Shrub (Hedge)
JIAN Curious Kitties :: Wanderer Tuxedo
Garden by anc slight wildgrass {flsah green} / WIND 1Li
floorplan. potted string light B plum/black
Ariskea [Wild] Boho Plant Hanger [Suculent]
Ariskea [Wild] Boho Plant Hanger [Foliage]
Kalopsia – Kitchen Frame
[Con.] Wanderlust Ticket Office Window
MudHoney Great Day Poster
{what next} Ladder Frames 1
:CP: Sabine Abstract Art 3
:CP: Sabine Abstract Art 2
:CP: Sabine Abstract Art 1
MN Cluster of Candles – textured
:DH: Black Fireplace ~Candles~ (RESIZE)
~Bazar~ Toronto-Picture frame1
~Bazar~ Toronto-Picture frame2
:CP: Sabine Armchair
:CP: Sabine Sofa
:CP: Sabine Abstract Rug Grey
:CP: Sabine Abstract Rug Lilac
:CP: Sabine Abstract Rug Dark
*AF* Lemonade Stand Jar of Lemons
ionic . Milkshakes
[LJ] Sweethearty Party #11 – Cherry Chip Cookies
[ht:home] swallow’s nest 05. coffee table – rustic
~Bazar~ Toronto-Throw pillows basket
MudHoney Chelsea Floor Lamp – gray
~Bazar~ Crete-Door decoration
Second Spaces – Command Center – mauvelous
hive // twigged heart [dark]
floorplan. stay wild chalkboard
GA Home – Rattan Basket
LISP -Lilly Chair – Right – Tex Change Press Cushion
[Schultz Bros.] Wine Cabinet – White
:CP: Sabine Abstract Table Dark
*:..Silvery K..:*BeachParty(LiquorBox_A)4
KK – Bottle of Volnay Wine (opened)
[Schultz Bros.] Cafe Espresso – 14. Brownies Tray
~Bazar~ Toronto-Living room drawer cabinet
dust bunny . wanderlust . ivy apothecary cabinet
Alouette – Time With Family Clock – Black
Trompe Loeil – Yara Hanging Chair + Lights short/flat {A}
Ariskea[Mocorra] Chair Singles & Couples
Ariskea[Mocorra] stone path
~Bazar~ Toronto-Leather pouf
~Bazar~ Traveler-Pouf (Pattern texture)


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