LOTD 34 / DECOR #2

Ahhh… I am so in love with all the decoration stuff that has been coming out lately.  I love collection house decor because I never know when a certain mood will strike me and the more stuff I collect the better chance I will be able to fulfill that mood!  I love mixing and matching, thus what you find below.  I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!



♥ LOTD 34 ♥
Head: Catwa – Jessica
Hair: Wasabi – Ryleigh (FLF 8-5-16)
Dress: Plastix – Sunkissed Dress (Peach)
Shoes: Empire – Clover [current TDR round]

♥ Decor #2 ♥
DIGS – Garrett Stepladder – Grey B
ionic . Plant + Table
JIAN Curious Kitties :: Gacha Garden Birthday Present
hive // her own fairytale sideboard [pink]
Glam Affair – Beach Chalet – Live Paint
hive // her own fairytale sign [teal]
Fancy Decor: So Fancy Throw Pillow
dust bunny . wanderlust . blanket ladder
Glam Affair – Beach Chalet – Candles
hive // her own fairytale room divider [white]
hive // her own fairytale rug [pink]


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