Sponsor List

I will periodically update this as sponsors come in.  Do I expect to ever have someone in SL sponsor me and let me blog their creations?  No.  Do I hope they will?  Yes!  I do this for fun… it knocks out two of my favorite things to do in SL.  Shop and take pictures.  Thanks for taking the time to stop and read! ♥

Current Designers I Blog For: As of November 3rd, 2017

Flickr | FacebookIn-World | Marketplace


s26 Blog Pic
Flickr | Facebook | Marketplace

Rebel Hope Designs
Rebel Hope Logo
Flickr | Facebook | Mainstore | Marketplace

Flickr | Facebook | Mainstore | Marketplace

dead dollz logo
Flickr | Facebook | Mainstore | Marketplace

Flickr | Facebook | Mainstore | Marketplace

Flickr | Website | Marketplace

Flickr | Facebook | Mainstore | Marketplace

Flickr | Mainstore | Marketplace | Facebook

Runaway 512x512 - Logo
Flickr | Mainstore | Marketplace | Facebook

Focus Poses logo
Flickr | Mainstore | Marketplace

Candy Fair 2017 Poster
Flickr | Plurk | Blog | Facebook | Event Link (to come!)

Blog | Mainstore | Facebook | Flickr | Marketplace


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