About me…

I really, really hate talking about myself. But, let’s give it a try. First, it’s awfully nice of you to stop by and take the time to look at my work. I’m nothing fancy, I’m really just me. This blog and these pictures are just an outward expression of crazy things that I happen to find in Second Life.

Let’s start at the beginning. I’ve been shopping in SL since 2008. My pixelated, foot-changing shape shoes hit the ground, I was picked up by a wonderful woman (who shortly after claimed me as her sister) and I have been shopping ever since. Literally. Fastforward a little, I met the love of my life, literally, while in SL. As of 2017, we’ve been married for 8 years in SL, and 5 years in RL. We also have a dog, cat, and a wonderful little lady who is 3. My husband and my daughter come first.

I worked in a few clubs for a while, was a manager for a while until I realized that wasn’t for me. I’ve seen enough pixel peen to last me a lifetime, ok guys?

It wasn’t until about a year ago, I took a plunge down this wild blogging path. I was doing something similar before, but, it wasn’t in this grand scale. With the support and urging from my SL sisters, I created all that you find now. Fever Pitch. It is just as it says, just a girl and her love of SL fashion. Right now, I log in, I shop, I snap pictures, and I share them. I love SL fashion. Each designer brings a little something different to the table. Did I ever picture this happening to me? No, I am absolutely blown away each and every time one of the store owners picks me as their blogger. Absolutely floored. I am honored to have the opportunity to share all of their beautiful work with you and the rest of the Flickr universe. However, my goal is and always will be to find great things in my inventory and out shopping to share with you that you might not have seen otherwise. My inventory is full of great items that may not have been looked at twice by someone else.

(Photo from 2015)

You can find me on Facebook and Flickr. I am in world as Melly Lecker (display name is Melly Clarrington).

Take care ♥


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